A Divine Dark Chocolate & Almond Treat

Every day I need a treat. I need a little something that says "Hey, I see you trying to get through this day standing on your own two feet, and you deserve this special something just for you.”
Sometimes that treat is a whole milk cappuccino with extra cinnamon. Whole milk tastes like ice cream to me. It’s just too good. Sometimes that treat is a high-kick dance along to old school Beastie Boys, because, yea, I’m still listening to Beastie Boys. Often times, that treat is a piece of chocolate. A piece usually turns into a good portion of the chocolate bar — but then again, you knew that.
We’re going to need a little something to savor. Reach for the chocolate — or, better yet, make these creamy, crunchy, salty, sweet, chocolate-studded pudding cups! Actually, get someone to make it for you. That’s the real savor.

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