Bored Of Your Bread? Here's A Recipe To Shake Things Up

I usually enter the colder months with a hint of bitterness. It has everything to do with wearing uncomfortable tights and missing fresh strawberries in the market. And, I live in California so surely a real winter would send me into a tailspin. Thank goodness for cranberries. I’m so thankful for these little ruby-red gems! They’re tart. They’ve got gumption. They’re super pretty. They make tights tolerable. They drastically improve Thanksgiving. They belong on every turkey sandwich from now until the end of time.
Don’t even get me started on how many sweet cranberry scented candles I sold when I worked at The Body Shop. Pro-status. I usually pair fresh cranberries with sweets. Last year I made this cranberry orange and pecan coffee cake and I can honestly say it’s one of the best things the cold months have to offer. I’m totally biased but it’s totally true.
This year I’ve swapped orange fruit for sharp orange cheddar cheese. We’re going savory for this cranberry situation. Soda bread studded with tart cranberries, salty cheddar, and crunchy nuts! Crazy, right? Now, can I sell you a candle?
We may have Joy the Baker's infamous "Man Bait" Apple Crisp recipe committed to memory, but it's not the only reason we're loyal to this self-taught dessert maven. Joy's hilariously soulful commentary, undying devotion to butter, and her steadfast belief that cake is a perfectly acceptable breakfast choice is what really keeps us coming back for more.

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