5 Fresh Jewelry Trends You Should Be Trying

I'm the type of person who has a home FULL of jewelry. It's hanging on my lamps and doorknobs, and it fills numerous dishes, trays, and boxes. Yet I wear the same jewelry every single day. When it comes to bling, it's easy to fall into finding what you love and just sticking to it. Sometimes, our jewelry could use a refresh.

So, whether you're obsessed with stacking tons of thin, delicate rings or you're all about the arm party, we've rounded up five jewelry trends you'll love based on the pieces you're already wearing now. Trust us: You'll be surprised at how easily these new pieces ahead will fit in with your everyday accessories look.

Read on for the trends you should be trying, because you know it's long overdue.
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If You Love: Ear Jackets
It feels like ear jackets blew up overnight, and we can see why — the fact that there are interesting elements on both the front and back of the earring definitely makes for a unique statement. But the picks ahead can streamline the look in a modern way.
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Try: The Ear Crawler
Slightly different from an ear jacket, an ear crawler quite literally crawls up your ear. It's great for people who only have one ear piercing but wish they had more, because it tends to give the illusion of multiple earrings.
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The perfect day-to-night earring.
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When the stars align.
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Subtle sparkle.
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If You Love: Body Chains
This has been the summer of the body chain. Great with tank tops and swimsuits, a cool body chain can complete an outfit — though they're not really for everyday wear.
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Try: The Lariat Necklace
This type of drop necklace makes the same sexy statement as a body chain, especially with low-cut tops and dresses, but it's more suitable for everyday layering.
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Super celestial.
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The longer, the better.
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Simplicity for the win.
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If You Love: Chandelier Earrings
A dangly earring is a surefire way to feel dressed up in a heartbeat. But sometimes, they can feel a bit dated — you don't want a chandelier earring to be confused for an '80s clip-on.
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Try: The Through Earring
With the same chic, dressed-up effect, the through earring is a dangly earring with a more refined construction. It doesn't have a back. Instead, it is just pushed right through the ear for a contemporary look.
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Just the right dose of drama.
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Beautifully opalescent.
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If You Love: Stacking Rings
We're all about some good ring stacking, whether that involves simple bands or statement midi rings. But your hands aren't the only part that deserves some bling.
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Try: The Toe Ring
Yep — you read that correctly. Show your toes some love with delicate, eye-catching rings that you can mix and match.
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Diamonds are a...toe's best friend?
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Three's the charm.
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If You Love: Delicate Bracelets
A thin chain bracelet is a jewelry box staple perfect for layering with cuffs and watches alike. Now's the time to change it up and try something a little bit more interesting.
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Try: The Simple Anklet
An anklet is an easy way to add a little flair in an unexpected place. It looks great peeking out of cropped pants and works with sandals, loafers, and beyond. You'll never want — or need! — to take it off.
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A sweet single pearl.
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Because black goes with everything.

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