If You Loved These Brands As A Teen, Here Are The Labels You'll Be Obsessed With Now

Think back to your personal style as a teen and a few distinct brand names probably come to mind — either you were a ride-or-die Limited Too fan or you were more of a mall goth wearing head-to-toe Hot Topic. You might cringe at your outfit decisions, but at the same time, you'll probably always hold a special place in your heart for the brands you used to obsess over. Whatever your awkward-phase uniform was, it carries its own meaning (and memories) about that specific time in your life, no matter how hilarious it looks now.

Your style has probably changed a bit since then (rubber bracelets and baby tees just don't quite hold the same appeal). Regardless, the 15 names ahead should be on your radar. You'll love them for the same reasons you fell in love with your fave mall brand, but each one offers wares that are more suited to your life today.

Read on for the grown-up versions of your favorite throwback brands and prepare to find your new obsession.
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If You Loved: Abercrombie
You couldn't walk down any hall of your middle or high school without seeing a dozen little moose logos or that infamous back pocket. From pastel-colored polos to low-rise flares that, let's admit, made your teenage butt look pretty great, abercrombie was a gold mine in your young years. Your teenage wardrobe wouldn't have been the same without it.
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You'll Be Obsessed With: AYR
We're pretty much convinced that no jean comes close in fit and comfort to those at AYR. The perfect washes and flattering cuts that you loved about Abercrombie are all grown up when we're talking AYR — not to mention spot-on offerings of different silhouettes, fits, and inseams to fit every preference. In fact, AYR's design director, Jac Cameron, has an impressive history with denim, working with everyone from Abercrombie to Madewell. Your butt will never look better, we promise!
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If You Loved: Limited Too
Where does one even begin?! The graphic tees, matchy pajama sets with monkey prints and frogs wearing lipstick, crazy tchotchkes — heck, you probably bought your first training bra at this tween emporium. You might not be able to picture your younger years without it — I know I can't.
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You'll Be Obsessed With: Sugarhigh Lovestoned
For your cutesy graphic tee fix, this label is all you need. Looking back, Limited Too was surprisingly boho — the peace signs, hearts, and quirky sayings are all grown up in Sugarhigh Lovestoned's adorable tees. Comfy, statement-making, and totally Instagram-worthy, any Limited Too girl will love its '70s-inspired feel and girly vibe.
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If You Loved: Miss Sixty
If you thought you were fly as a teen, you were probably wearing Miss Sixty. The brand's jeans were on another level with whiskers, drop-crotches, and ridiculous sandblasting. You'd wear 'em with thick black eyeliner and loud graphic tees, and obviously be the It Girl of the cafeteria.
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You'll Be Obsessed With: Sandy Liang
Up-and-coming NYC designer Sandy Liang has that effortless cool look down pat. Her looks are edgy and feminine without trying too hard and have the same girly flair that we loved about Miss Sixty back in the '90s. Whether you're looking for a few cool denim pieces or are ready to splurge on a unique fur jacket, Liang's your girl — her stockists include American Rag, Avenue32, Assembly New York, and Spring.
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If You Loved: Fiorucci
You'll never be able to get the image of Fiorucci's often-provocative, pin-up-esque ads out of your brainspace. The brand's New York store became a hangout for big names like Andy Warhol and Madonna, earning the title as the "daytime Studio 54." Needless to say, all the cool kids were wearing it — leopard prints, skin-tight pants, thongs, and all.
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You'll Be Obsessed With: L'Ecole Des Femmes
Influenced by French fashion, L'Ecole Des Femmes has just the right amount of risqué. From a bright yellow, skintight tracksuit to statement tees and naughty-meets-nice dresses, this brand is a segue for Fiorucci fans because it's equally as badass as the fabled store was during its heyday.
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If You Loved: Mudd Jeans
We all had our favorite denim brand back in the day. For many of us, it was Mudd. The brand blew up in 1995 when it released flares, which were obviously hugely popular at the time. They're still around today, and even carry other clothing products and accessories, but nothing will ever beat those perfect baby blues back in the '90s.
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You'll Be Obsessed With: Blank NYC
Super-affordable and on-trend, Blank NYC is a fairly new denim favorite. Similarly to Mudd's rise to popularity, this brand exploded onto the scene when it introduced the classic skinny jean back in 2007. Today, it still has all the on-point styles, from relaxed skinnies to cropped (and frayed!) flares. Any Mudd-lover will totally eat up Blank NYC's versatile denim.
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If You Loved: Paul Frank
Just seeing that cute little monkey face is probably bringing a smile to your face. In your teen years, it was all about Paul Frank everything, from pajamas and socks to bags and accessories. That little monkey caught on like wildfire, to the point where you couldn't go to one slumber party without at least a few girlfriends sporting that smiling simian mug.
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You'll Be Obsessed With: Marigot
Why should cute matching pajamas end after your teens? Retire your T-shirt-and-boxers combo for one of Marigot's adorable sets. Whether it's stars, seahorses, or sand dollars, you can find the adorable print that suits your fancy — and yes, you can have an adult slumber party with your besties, too. Only instead of chocolate milk, wine will be involved.
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If You Loved: Michael Stars
Largely made popular by celebrities, Michael Stars’ one-size-fits-most tees and other basics were a must-have when we’re talking about a few decades ago. It was one of the first brands to approach basic items with a luxury perspective — and if you splurged on one of those pieces as a teen, you probably wore it to shreds.
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You'll Be Obsessed With: Averti
Made by hand in Los Angeles, Averti's clothing has that same comfortable yet luxurious feel that you loved about Michael Stars. The quality and craftmanship of its designs means you can wear the pieces over and over again, just like you did your favorite Michael Stars tee. And for an added bonus, Averti's committed to slow fashion and sustainability, so you can really feel good about wearing it.
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If You Loved: Hot Topic
If you shopped Hot Topic at the mall, you were pulling the ultimate stick-it-to-the-man move...within your means, of course. With its raunchy innuendo tees, black graphic hoodies, and other goth-lite accessories like studded belts, wallet chains, and gauges, not just any teenage girl would step foot inside the store.
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You'll Be Obsessed With: Zana Bayne
Zana Bayne's rebellious leather goods, like chokers, belts, and even bras, are perfect for the grown-up goth. Her designs are equal parts naughty and stylish, plus they look great with jeans and tee. On top of it all, Bayne is a bonafide badass (we can't say the same about Hot Topic's founder, Orv Madden).
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If You Loved: Juicy Couture
Raise your hand if you didn't own a Juicy Couture terrycloth tracksuit as a teen (or a Juicy Couture-inspired one, at least). Those zip-up hoodies and booty-hugging sweatpants were must-have items — it was pretty much frowned upon if you didn't rock that J-zipper getup. And the bags, keychains, and other merch were just as coveted.
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You'll Be Obsessed With: Community by Aritzia
The most awesome part of the Juicy sweatsuit was that you were basically wearing pajamas and looking cool and chic while doing it. For the same idea with a cool-girl feel, you'll love Community at Aritzia. Its sweatsuits and other athliesure and loungewear is comfy enough for your laziest days, but still looks edgy and chic when styled properly. Sure, it's not bright pink and your butt won't be frosted in rhinestones, but it should do the trick in fulfilling all of your cozy-girl needs.
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If You Loved: Roxy
Walking into the Roxy store was like a kid (a.k.a. you) entering a candy shop. And whether you were actually from a coastal city or just dreamed about it, its surfer-chick gear and cute bathing suits were must-haves for the cool crowd. Roxy's logo was worn loud and proud on tees, hoodies, and just about anything else teen girls could get their hands on.
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You'll Be Obsessed With: RVCA
This brand's got the same surfer-girl feel you used to love about Roxy, but it's a bit more low key. The brand's been around since 2001, but a recent rebranding has freshened up its look. Its pieces are easy, breezy, and super versatile — and similar to Roxy, it's a true lifestyle brand. RVCA even partnered with a lot of your favorite fashion bloggers, so there's your influencer stamp of approval.
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If You Loved: L.E.I. Jeans
Another "It" denim brand from your teen years, L.E.I. — which stands for Life, Energy, Intelligence (duh) — was launched in 1989 and targeted at teens and young women. It also sold accessories, handbags, and other clothing, but those jeans and denim jackets were the must-have items in the '90s. And today, finding L.E.I. at vintage stores feels like a total score.
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You'll Be Obsessed With: MiH Jeans
With a variety of washes and silhouettes, MiH is a London-based denim brand made for those girls who live in jeans. The brand states that it creates "distinctive denim collections that embody the relaxed and assured spirit of blue-jean culture" — arguably similar to what L.E.I. did back in its day.
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If You Loved: Baby-G Watches
A Baby-G watch was the ultimate status symbol as a teen — we're talking before everyone had iPhones and iWatches to tell the time. Its candy-colored plastic watches were on every lucky teen's wrist, and the fact that pretty much no adolescents wear watches these days just makes us sad that they'll never get to know the feeling of rocking one of these.
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You'll Be Obsessed With: Ice Watches
These watches have the same fun colors and non-metal construction as your beloved Baby-G, but in a more streamlined, no-frills silhouette. They're cool enough to wear with a casual outfit on the weekend, but sleek enough to wear to the office, too. Mix and match until you find the perfect color and pattern to suit your style.
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If You Loved: Hollister
Right along with the Abercrombie jeans craze was Hollister. The store's tees, hoodies, and other beachy, floral-printed pieces were coveted and totally California. It seemed like that seagull logo was on just about everything, whether it was blown up front and center or hiding in the corner of a floral tank top. As a teen, Hollister felt sexy and super cool — middle school wouldn't have been the same without it.
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You'll Be Obsessed With: One Teaspoon
For similar sex-infused button-up shirts and tiny denim shorts with more of a sophisticated rock-and-roll twist, look to One Teaspoon, an Australian contemporary denim and casual wear brand that has blown up on Instagram. The line is carried at stockists around the globe, including Free People and Urban Outfitters. The denim diaper is alive and well — you won't find a pair more chic than these.
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If You Loved: Charlotte Russe
For all your trendy but affordable pieces and "going out" clothes, Charlotte Russe was a one-stop shop. All of its printed blouses, pencil skirts, crop tops, and high heels were an adolescent girl's heaven — not to mention the underwear section full of colorful lace and crazy push-up bras. It was a must-hit at every mall and you probably had one too many drunken nights in a Charlotte Russe bodycon dress.
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You'll Be Obsessed With: A Common Space
Though a bit more sophisticated than Charlotte Russe, A Common Space is the destination for all your trends at affordable prices, like a lace-up bodysuit or frayed denim. You'll find a mix of pieces for work and play, and won't break the bank either. So in the same way you left Charlotte Russe laden with bags filled with on-trend outfits as a teen, you'll do the same stocking your cart at this new online retailer.
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If You Loved: Rocket Dog
Forget Converse and Etnies — the real cool kids of your teens were probably sporting a quirky pair of Rocket Dogs. Whether it was platform flip-flops or printed, embroidered sneakers, Rocket Dogs were the ugly-cute shoes of the '90s. And I remember them being pretty darn comfortable, too.
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You'll Be Obsessed With: Grenson
This U.K.-based footwear brand goes way back to the 1800s, but today, its weird-but-cool kicks, complete with tassels and platforms, are perfect for the Rocket Dog-lover. For extra double-take factor, try a pair in bright metallic or colorblocked leather.
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