Sip These 20 Seasonal Teas For All The Fall (& Winter) Feels

Even for those who consider themselves year-round tea drinkers and sachet connoisseurs, there's something undeniably special about sipping from a hot mug during the fall and winter months. Maybe there is an obvious chilly weather-hot drink connection that makes tea do wonders for us. But, more than that, we love the spot-on, seasonally-flavored tins that pop up for sale during this time of year. The options span from takes on our favorite holiday treats to spices and seasonings that capture fall to a tea T. In short, these limited edition bags taste like hot mugs of liquid autumn — and we are here for sipping on that.
From pumpkin spice, apple pie, cranberry, chai, chocolate spice, and more, we rounded up 20 of the most festive teas ahead that you'll want to dunk a cinnamon scone ASAP. So scroll on to your fall-feels sip on.
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A cranberry and orange black tea blend that tastes both parts tart and sweet.

Harney & Sons Cranberry Autumn, $10.95, available at Harney & Sons.
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Black tea meets pumpkin chai in this sweet and spicy blend seasoned with notes of cinnamon, cloves, pumpkin, and caramel.

DAVIDsTEA Pumpkin Chai, $8.98, available at DAVIDsTEA.
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This African rooibos tea infused with flavors of caramel and apple is served best with a splash of milk.

The Republic of Tea Caramel Apple Red Tea, $10.50, available at The Republic of Tea.
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Kusmi dresses up its classic black tea base with rich cacao beans and hot spices for one snazzy cold weather sip.

Kusmi Tea Spicy Chocolate, $18.90, available at Kusmi Tea.
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We can't wait to dunk shortbread biscuits into this black tea-caramel blend — with just the right hint of salt.

Bigelow Salted Caramel Tea, $3.28, available at Walmart.
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Tazo blends this exotic black tea take with cinnamon, ginger, cardamon, and vanilla for a sweet and spicy sip.

Tazo Chai Vanilla Caramel Black Tea, $2.99, available at Target.
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This creamy rooibos blend infused with cinnamon, ginger, carrot, apple, cocoa shells, and natural whipped cream flavors essentially tastes like a cupful of fall dessert.

DAVIDsTEA Carrot Cupcake, $8.98, available at DAVIDsTEA.
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Sip your pumpkin pie out of a mug with The Republic of Tea's cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves black tea blend.

The Republic of Tea Pumpkin Spice Black Tea, $4.50, available at The Republic of Tea.
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Steaming hot apple cider on a crisp autumn day is just a Bigelow bag and your favorite teacup away.

Bigelow Apple Cider, $3.41, available at Lucky Vitamin.
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Tart cranberries and sweet hibiscus blended with warm cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves and star anise spices make for one merry brew.

The Republic of Tea Cranberry Spice Hibiscus, $12, available at The Republic of Tea.
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Harney & Son's Hot Cinnamon Spice takes a black tea base and blends it with three types of cinnamon, orange peel, and sweet cloves for a tea that's classically comforting AF.

Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice, $8.50, available at Harney & Sons.
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Rule of tea thumb: If it sounds like a dessert, it's going to bring on the fall feels.

DAVIDsTEA White Cranberry Bark, $9.98, available at DAVIDsTEA.
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Serve Kusmi's caramel-flavored black tea from China with some freshly baked cinnamon scones for simple yet festive fall vibes.

Kusmi Tea Caramel, $15.60, available at Kusmi Tea.
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Planning to use this blend of apples, cinnamon cloves, and ginger as the base for all our autumnal hot toddies.

The Republic of Tea Hot Apple Cider, $12, available at The Republic of Tea.
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Harney & Son's tea take on PS is light with a subtle, but still festive, flavor finish.

Harney & Sons Pumpkin Spice, $5.99, available at Harney & Sons.
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Sipping sweet cinnamon sticks plus zesty orange peels and spicy star anise in a cup of hot water equal our ideal evening plans.

Tazo Sweet Cinnamon Spice, $2.99, available at Target.
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If anything can turn our cold Monday mornings around, it's certainly a cup of scone-flavored — white tea spiced with papaya, apple, rosehip peel, walnuts, orange peel, and orange blossoms.

DAVIDsTEA Walnut Orange Scone, $11.98, available at DAVIDsTEA.
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Will we be spiking this spicy tea blend with bourbon? Yes.

Williams Sonoma Mulling Spice Sachets, $14.95, available at Williams Sonoma.
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We've had red wine hot chocolate and brownies — but what about red wine tea?

The Republic of Tea Sonoma Cabernet Iced Tea, $7.99, available at The Republic of Tea.
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Bigelow's PS tea packs a heartier pumpkin punch with intense notes of warm spices.

Bigelow Pumpkin Spice, $3.28, available at Walmart.
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