6 Perfumes For Girls Who Never Got The Pony They Wanted

You know you're a horse girl if...you had more blue ribbons above your bed than *NSYNC posters; you learned the importance of exfoliation years before everyone else — because you always had dirt embedded from neck to ankle; you once considered carrots and molasses cookies a balanced meal; you smell manure and instantly feel like you're home.

And once a horse girl, always a horse girl. The farther I get from my own riding days, the more nostalgic I become, and I only recently realized that I might be turning into a full-blown horse lady. My fridge is covered in horse magnets, my library is held in place by horse bookends, and my only wall art is a blown-up photograph of my horse Curly. Oh, and I still have the remnants of a horse tattoo on my neck. (I'm in the removal process — some chunks of tail and stomach are missing.)

I should probably slow my roll, but fuck that — let's go big! I want to smell like I'm back at the barn, and the six perfumes ahead are how I'm getting there. But you don't have to be equine-obsessed to appreciate them: If you like leather, wood, rose, or grass, there's something here for you.

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