Peep This Artist-Slash-Photog's Sunny Cali Home

The most recent works of Chance James, an artist and photographer nestled in sunny California, focus on the idea of renewal. As a creative watching Chance’s video, Lost in Movement (a must see on his site!), I connected to his philosophy and mission of wanting to create only something that is truly honest. ”You can't do anything that’s not honest with art, there’s no way you can lie about something that’s inside of you.” His work is, and he says it best, ”a culmination of all my thoughts, conscious, or otherwise that make up who I am.”
Chance epitomizes the importance of understanding what’s inside of us as individuals, taking an authentic look at ourselves and expressing it to the world wether it is abstractly or literally, in our work, the way we dress or the way we live.
Click through for a tour of Chance's goegeous home.
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