The Genius Way This Couple Repurposed A Piece Of Junk

Meet Zack and Laura. He grew up in the frigid tundra of Wisconsin studying theatre, picking up what would prove to be incredibly valuable skills building scenery for the shows. She studied interior design while painting, crafting, and creating in the natural state of Arkansas. They found one another in the sunny state of California — Los Angeles, to be exact. His style is a bit more subtle and understated (despite his penchant for all things kitsch), utilizing mostly earth tones, while she loves to incorporate bold colors and patterns into her design. She loves clutter, while he is a minimalist. They found their common ground in vintage treasure. Though her creative spirit often gives her the urge to refresh with a coat of spray paint, while he prefers them left in their weathered, faded glory.
The inspiration for the name of their fledgling business all began with a sarcastic comment, in a rare moment when his sarcasm was appreciated. As they discussed how they would decorate their first shared dwelling, he said something like, “We can get a really old typewriter that’s bright yellow.” And, on moving day, he presented her with a yellow, vintage, Royal typewriter. It was more mustard-yellow than bright, but the thought was there, and he’s pretty sure vintage bright yellow typewriters don’t exist. Well, at least they didn’t exist on Craigslist in a 20-mile radius of Burbank, California. As it sits, proudly displayed in their living room, it serves as a symbol of compromise.
In this DIY age, you can be proud of your space without hiring a high-priced interior designer that will inevitably fill your home with assembly-line decor and pre-fab furniture that have no sentimental value. The vision at Little Yellow Typewriter is to live in a space that inspires you, has character, and that tells your story.

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