45 Summer Drugstore Buys Hollywood's Top Makeup Artists Swear By

Photo: Courtesy of Roxy Saffaie.
You already know the drugstore is stocked with all the beauty products you need to conceal, brighten, define, and illuminate your look without breaking the bank — but you may not know exactly which are the best of the bunch. 

So, we asked for a little help from Hollywood’s top makeup pros to find out exactly what we should be adding to our cart. Now, you can navigate your local CVS with suggestions from 15 of Tinseltown’s most in-demand artists as you start swapping out those rich, jewel-tone lip colors and inky eye pencils for more warm-weather-friendly lip stains and waterproof mascaras. And, skin? We suggest you pick up a primer and blotting papers to combat shine, and a natural-looking highlighter to add a subtle glow to your complexion.

From lipstick to liner, consider this the definitive list for taking your makeup bag into summer — without asking for a raise. 
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Photo: Courtesy of Carola Gonzalez.
Makeup Artist: Carola Gonzalez
Clients: Kerry Washington, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Jaime King
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"I'm obsessed with Maybelline's Baby Lips lip balm for keeping your lips hydrated in the warmer months," Gonzalez tells us. "The colors are fun and vibrant, making them great for summer, and you’ll love how soft your lips feel."
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“We all tend to get a little more shiny and oily during the summer, so I suggest adding NYX Blotting Paper to your makeup kit,” Gonzalez says. “They're ideal to have on those hot summer days when you don’t want to have to apply powder. Just blot to keep your skin looking fresh throughout the day."
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"When I think of summer, I think of skin with a healthy glow,” Gonzalez told us. "That’s why I recommend bronzers instead of tanning. I really like Neutrogena’s formula in Sunset Glow, because it’s a golden shade that looks great on light to medium skin tones.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Beau Nelson.
Makeup Artist: Beau Nelson
Clients: Nicole Richie, Kristen Stewart, Nina Dobrev

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"L'Oréal's setting spray locks makeup into place, keeping it fresh for hours,” Nelson tells us. "It's amazing for hot, humid weather and particularly useful for oilier skins. It also helps powder settle into the skin, making your makeup look more natural."
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“These wipes are great for leaving in your car to cleanse your face after the beach,” Nelson says. "Sometimes, heavier sunscreens can clog your pores, so it's best to get them off after you’re out of the sun. These wipes leave your skin feeling fresh and clean.”
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“L’Oréal's self-tanners are great for faking a tan, or enhancing the one you already have,” Nelson says. "The colors are foolproof and provide a warm, golden glow. I like to put them on my clients at night so they wake up looking like they spent the day at the beach."
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Photo: Courtesy of Mai Quynh.
Makeup Artist: Mai Quynh
Clients: Scarlett Johansson, Taylor Schilling, Emmy Rossum
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"This daily cleanser leaves your skin clear and smooth,” Quynh tells us. "The charcoal helps draw out any excess oils, so you'll be less shiny during the summer months."
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"I love using these wipes when I'm feeling sweaty and sticky, because they leave a soft, powdery finish that makes my skin feel refreshed and cool,” Quynh says. "They're perfect anytime in humid weather, especially mid-day for an instant pick-me-up."
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“This happy, coral-pink tone will brighten up anyone's face and is great for spring and summer,” Quynh says about the Simply Pink hue pictured in the middle here. "I love how creamy and smooth it goes on, and the color is very pigmented.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Andre Sarmiento.
Makeup artist: Andre Sarmiento
Clients: Kate Bosworth, Zoey Deutch, Brittany Snow
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"As the weather gets hotter and more humid, waterproof mascara can be a lifesaver,” Sarmiento tells us. "I love this one because it has a rich, black color and is buildable. I've had it in my kit my entire career, because it does what it says and it isn't a nightmare to remove!"
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"Physicians [Formula] is, hands-down, the authority on drugstore bronzers," Sarmiento says. "I love this one because it has all the benefits of a BB, plus the SPF, so it's helping the skin while exposed to the elements. I tend to be a matte-bronzer loyalist, but the sheen in this bronzer is perfection.”

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"I love this, because all you need is sunscreen and a dab of this concealer to be ready for a sunny city afternoon,” Sarmiento says. "You get great matte coverage that stands up to sweat and works under the eyes and on spots."
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Photo: Courtesy of Gita Bass.
Makeup Artist: Gita Bass
Clients: Tina Fey, Kristen Wiig, Lucy Hale
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“These wipes are the perfect makeup prep for skin in the summer,” Bass tells us. "Not only do they create a super-clean canvas, but they help keep oil at bay and prevent a greasy summer complexion. I keep them in my purse at all times!"
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"These lipsticks are all you need for a gorgeous summer look,” Bass says. "The colors are highly pigmented and super-vibrant, plus they won't melt in the heat of summer. I use them all the time on the red carpet when I want an intense lip that will last on my clients. They are truly show-stopping.”
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"I am completely obsessed with this cleanser,” Bass says. “It's refreshing, hydrating, and leaves the skin totally clean, no rinsing required!”
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Photo: Courtesy of Adam Breuchard.
Makeup Artist: Adam Breuchaud
Clients: Kate Beckinsale, Hilary Duff
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"All three shades of this stick are killer, and the formula makes it easy to create a healthy-looking glow on skin," Breuchaud says about the creamy formula, noting that you can dab and blend it into bare skin or over makeup. "You can brighten and highlight anywhere, from your cheekbone to your eyes, from the tip of your nose to your lips."
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"I love to accent bronzed summer skin with a nude lip, and there is a shade for every skin tone in this line,” Breuchaud says. "Truffle Tease 930 is one of my favorites."
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"Pick a shade close to your own skin to cover imperfections, or a darker shade to add a tan, bronze-y look to the body,” Breuchaud says about this easy-to-apply body makeup. (Just spray on and blend quickly with your hands or a tanning mitt.) "They really nailed the colors and the formula; it will stay in place without rubbing off."
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Photo: Courtesy of Dawn Broussard.
Makeup Artist: Dawn Broussard
Clients: Emma Roberts, Rooney Mara, America Ferrera
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"I love this product for summer days because of the light, glowing texture it delivers,” Broussard tells us. "It gives a soft, seamless radiance to the skin and blends effortlessly; it's great for the days when you want something quick and gorgeous."
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"This is my go-to daily lip balm because it’s super moisturizing and I love all the colors,” Broussard says. "It creates a nice stain on the lips when dabbed on, and the color is buildable, so you can easily make a more dramatic evening look by adding more product.”

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"Even though the package doesn’t mention that they are waterproof, trust me, this formula has immense staying power,” Broussard says. "I’ve worn these at the beach and in the pool, and they stay in place. Think of them as fun colors to brighten up a trip to the ocean!"
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Photo: Courtesy of Jillian Dempsey.
Makeup Artist: Jillian Dempsey
Clients: Kristen Stewart, Kate Winslet, Milla Jovovich
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"This is a great, multi-purpose primer for summer,” Dempsey tells us. "It has a light and glowy finish, so you can wear it on its own, or you can layer it as a highlighter for a natural, light-catching gleam. If you wear foundation, it acts as a great base, leaving your skin clean and smooth. Plus, it has SPF 15!”
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"I love this bronzer because it doesn’t have any shimmer, unlike so many others on the market,” Dempsey says. "Not to mention it’s waterproof, so it stays on through a humid summer day. Dust it all over the face to add some warmth to the skin, or layer it for more intense color."
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“I'm a big fan of stains all year round, but they really come in handy on hot summer days,” Dempsey says. "I particularly like this one because it doesn’t fill in the cracks in your lips if they’re dry, since it moisturizes as it stains. It comes in a bunch of fun colors for summer, but this bright, coral-y orange called Miami Fever is especially beautiful and universally flattering!"
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Photo: Courtesy of Jenn Streicher.
Makeup Artist: Jenn Streicher
Clients: Emily Blunt, Anna Camp, Carrie Brownstein
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“This is an all-around great concealer and highlighter,” Streicher tells us. "I keep it in my bag for touchups in the summer."
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"I have been using this mascara for years!” Streicher says, noting that she switches to the waterproof formula in the hot summer season. "It’s a deep, rich black color and it never flakes. Plus, I only need one coat."
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"This instantly vanishes into dry skin,” Streicher says about her warm-weather alternative to rich lotion. "I put it on directly after a shower, and sometimes I even put some in my bath water. I love that it’s fragrance-free and never sticky.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Melanie Inglessis.
Makeup Artist: Mélanie Inglessis
Clients: Olivia Wilde, Kate Hudson, Rosamund Pike

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“This formula comes in four or five great colors, but I especially like the lightest one,” Inglessis tells us about the multi-purpose highlighter. "I use it on the legs, cheekbones, and collarbone to create luminosity that photographs beautifully, but I also mix it with my foundation if I want to add a glow all over.”
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“I love these eye shadow sticks for a summer smoky eye!” Inglessis says. "The colors are vibrant, easy to use, and long-wearing. Apply it onto the top and bottom lash line and smudge it with your finger or a brush, or apply on the top lid for deeper color. But, the best advice is to just play around and have fun with these!"
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"This formula moisturizes, gives you a glow, and protects you from the sun!” Inglessis says. “And, there are a couple of options for different skin tones. It’s a win-win!”
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Photo: Courtesy of Molly R. Stern.
Makeup Artist: Molly R. Stern
Clients: Reese Witherspoon, Mandy Moore, Julianne Hough
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"This mascara has such a great brush,” Stern tells us. "Plus, it has argan oil as an ingredient, so it’s soft on the lashes. And, it’s waterproof, so it's perfect for a dip in the pool."
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"This vibrant red looks great with warmed-up, tanned skin,” Stern says about the shade Floral Coral. "It glides on smoothly and feels amazing on the lips."
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"This silver-based glitter polish looks gorgeous over clean, clear nails,” Stern says. "It instantly gives your toes a sparkly, ocean-ready look."
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Photo: Courtesy of Nick Barose.
Makeup Artist: Nick Barose
Clients: Lupita Nyong’o, Tracee Ellis Ross, Maria Bello
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"I love prepping my clients’ skin with these strips to make sure their nose doesn’t get shiny on the red carpet, especially in warmer weather,” Barose tells us. “Apply one to the nose and leave it on for five minutes, then simply pull it off and your skin is ready for makeup!”
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“Thick powder can turn cakey in the heat, but I love how sheer and matte this formula stays,” Barose says. "Use a small powder brush for more control over shiny spots, and focus on the forehead, between the brows, on the sides of the nose, above the lips, and on the chin."
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"Makeup should be lighter and more relaxed in the summer, and you can create a nice, groomed brow shape without filling them in,” Barose says. "Just use this clear brow gel to comb and set your arches in place.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Roxy Saffaie.
Makeup Artist: Roxy
Clients: Shailene Woodley, Ronda Rousey
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"Being a longtime surfer, nothing has ever beat the gorgeous bronze from being in the water for hours, until now," Roxy tells us. "This incredible bronzing mousse goes on seamlessly, leaving your skin conditioned with the perfect sun-kissed glow, sans a horrible self-tanner scent. The tan lasts for several days and doesn’t get blotchy as it fades. It's a surf session in a bottle for me."
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"This nourishing oil is my go-to for hydrating, brightening, and toning my skin," Roxy says. "It also conditions the ends of your hair as well as your cuticles. Multitasking products will always win my heart over — this affordable, 100% pure argan oil is a pampering winner."
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"I'm absolutely in love with these crayons," she says. "They are all-natural, hydrating, and deposit beautiful pigment to your lips. The color range is perfect for all daytime to evening looks. The pointed crayon shape allows for definition but goes on like a creamy lipstick — the perfect combo. I never leave home without them!"
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Photo: Courtesy of
Makeup Artist: Fiona Stiles
Clients: Elizabeth Banks, Jennifer Garner, Gabrielle Union

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"I have been using this mascara for years and years," Stiles tells us. "The brush is tiny, so you can really get every single lash. I love a full lash and bright lip for summer; it's a clean, pretty look that works on everyone!"
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"For years, this SPF has been in my kit," she says. "It's a clear zinc, so it works on any skin tone without leaving a white cast. It never feels greasy or like your skin is suffocating."
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"This is a recent discovery of mine," she says. "This liner is incredible. You can get the most amazing, straight, even line with this product. Fresh skin and a pretty lash look amazing with a bold graphic line, and this is a foolproof way to get it."
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Photo: Courtesy of Toby Fleischman.
Makeup Artist: Toby Fleischman
Clients: Evan Rachel Wood, Anna Kendrick, Ellen Page
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"This is one of my favorite new products from the drugstore aisle, and it gives you killer brows," Fleischman tells us. "The light powder really grips onto existing hairs and subtly blends in to give you thicker and beautiful brows. I don't love the applicator, as I feel it deposits too much product. Instead, I use an angled brow brush and feather the powder through the brows for a really gorgeous, natural arch that stays put all day."
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"When the weather heats up, adding a primer to your makeup routine can really help your foundation stay put and keep your complexion shine-free," she says. "This is one of my favorites. It really fills in lines and pores and creates an amazing matte base for your foundation. Sometimes, I use it alone on a day when I don't feel like wearing foundation, just to even out skin tone. And, I am always telling the men in my life about it, too! It has no color, so they won't feel like they are wearing makeup."
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"L'Oréal mascaras have been close to my heart ever since I started wearing makeup when I was young, and the new formulas still come out on top," she says. "My current favorite is the Butterfly Intenza. I love the rubber brush, and it really separates the lashes. In the summer, I switch to a waterproof formula, and this one stays on forever!"

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