Heavy Periods Got You Down? This Could Help

Have you been feeling fatigued, headache-y, or anxious? Next question: How heavy is your period? Your energy levels, mood, and even cognitive function may be linked to blood loss during menstruation. Our friends over at Shape report that with each pint of blood we shed, we lose between 220 and 250 milligrams of iron.
Women with heavy menstrual bleeding (a.k.a. menorrhagia) are at risk of iron-deficiency anemia, which strikes when the body’s red blood cell levels drop too low. However, recent study from Finland's Hyvinkää Hospital offers a solution; it indicates that iron supplements taken as prescribed by a doctor can help both physical and mental performance, causing drastic improvements in overall quality of life for women suffering from anemia.
Even if you use birth control to reduce a heavy flow, your red blood cell levels could take months or even years to return to normal. Iron supplements, it appears, can speed up the process. Think you might benefit from iron-level testing? Click through for the full story on the link between anemia and your period. (Shape)

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