10 Signs Your Mane Needs An Intervention

We’ve all had hair moments for the history books. You know, times when you look in the mirror and you're greeted by a round of applause, whistling, and air snaps in a three-point formation followed by, “Hey there, heeeeey!” Those are the moments we live for, as we flip our coif and head out into the day, confident that yeah, we’ve got this.
However, there are other times when our hair isn’t worthy of any kind of ovation. We can almost hear the womp-womp as the reflection in the mirror backs away with a touch of, “Oooh, you might want to rethink that style.” Whether its bird’s-nest texture, lackluster color, or unruliness forces you to pull it back from your face and hope for the best, one thing’s for certain: You need a hair overhaul.
But, exactly what are the signs that you need to rethink your look — and, more importantly, what do you do about the situation other than keeping your hairdresser on speed dial? We’ve asked some of the hair industry’s top stars to identify the warning signs that you and your hair might need to rethink the relationship.

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