How Long Beauty Editors REALLY Take To Get Ready

Illustrated by Tristan Offit.
Mornings are sacred for most people. It's a time to stretch, catch up on news, and slowly sip a cup of coffee — all while gradually waking up and mentally preparing for the hectic day ahead. But if you're a beauty editor, a majority of those precious hours before work are usually spent doing something else: primping.

At the most, it's when we prep our skin, face, and hair for the world to both gawk and adore. At the very least, we use it to make ourselves look mildly presentable to our colleagues. Either way, our getting-ready process is probably a bit more involved than that of the average person.

Ahead, we asked six editors about the specifics of their daily morning routines. Click through to see exactly how long it takes each lady to primp in the a.m., the products they love, and what they use them for. What might surprise you the most is that all of the routines clock in at under an hour. Psh, us, high-maintenance? Says who?

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