This Designer Created His Dream Apartment In Paris

The concept of boredom or regular lifestyle routines are a mystery to someone like Gerardo Ruiz-Musi. Since childhood the young Mexican fashion designer has been good at existing within his own eccentric fantasies — which include hosting Arabian nights on golf courses, converting his flat into a temporary set of the Golden Girls, or perhaps randomly re-enacting one of Joan Crawford’s famed psychotic attacks on whatever nameless street. Not only is his inexhaustible and exceptional imagination expressed within Gerardo’s demeanour, but also in the designs of his distinctive bags born in the proclaimed capital of fashion: Paris.
Three and a half years ago, Gerardo decided to leave behind his sanctuary in Mexico City and carry on his creative journey in France. After completing his diploma at Studio Berçot in Paris, this man-child bypassed the conventional developmental stepping stone stages to work directly on the first collection of his brand Ruiz-Musi. Provoked by architectural design, the mysticism of Mexican folklore, and Fellini’s romanticised immortality, Gerardo’s leather bags represent emotional abstractions while offering color combinations that could narrate a story of their own.
As the sun leisurely rose over the ambitious face of Paris, we found ourselves in Gerardo’s kaleidoscopic home where perfectly painted blue walls, exotic masks, an obsessive collection of musky perfumes and an intriguing writing desk filled with its owner’s favorite things exist in harmony. In the midst of all of this stands Gerardo who passionately converses about his Mexican upbringing, his new life in Paris and why it is necessary to sometimes gracefully escape the daily bullshit.

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