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Photo: Courtesy of Nuttzo.
When 3 p.m. rolls around and our energy levels hit rock bottom, you better believe it's snack time — regardless of whether we're actually hungry or just bored. But there's an even bigger, and arguably much more important, reason to feel extra good about snacking: charitable food companies. Because why just snack when you can snack for a cause?

We've scoured the shelves in grocery stores and even our office's pantry in order to locate some of the best eats that give back. From organic candy that promotes world peace to coffee beans for puppy rescues, there's a little something to make us all smile as we munch.
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Photo: Courtesy of Project 7.
Project 7 Gourmet Gummies
These all-natural gummy bears come in a wide variety of next-level flavors. We're talking Birthday Cake, Grapefruit Melon, Front Porch Lemonade, and even Sour Caramel Apple action.

What to feel awesome about:
All of Project 7's candy products are manufactured right here in the U.S. The brand has partnered with non-profits Great Tasting and Word Changing — donating portions of proceeds towards global hunger, clean water, medical research, education, and peace. Talk about Care Bears, am I right?
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Photo: Courtesy of This Bar Saves Lives.
This Bar Saves Lives
Grab a Wild Blueberry Pistachio, Dark Chocolate Cherry & Sea Salt, Madagascar Vanilla Almond & Honey, or Peanut Butter & Jelly bar and get ready to feel happy about more than just these kick-ass flavors.

What to feel awesome about:
The name of this granola bar just about sums it up. With every bar you bite into, an entire meal is donated to a child in need. As the brand's site states, "We eat together" — and it has donated more than 968,430 meals over the past three years.
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Photo: Courtesy of Grounds & Hounds.
Grounds & Hounds Coffee
Although coffee may not technically be considered a "snack" — when the mid-afternoon sleepies hit and there are free pastries still left over from a morning meeting, I will fill up my mug and beg to differ. This particular brew just happens to be fair trade, organic, and delicious. With blends titled Alpha, Paper & Slippers, and even Sit & Stay, it's hard to resist.

What to feel awesome about:
Dog lovers and furry-friend supporters unite, because this one's for you. Grounds & Hounds donates 20% of its profits to organizations supporting no-kill animal shelters.
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Photo: Courtesy of Deep River.
Deep River Snacks
These chips are small-batch, kettle-cooked, and packed full of some fantastic flavors: Aged Cheddar Horseradish, Mesquite BBQ, Ninja Ginger, New York Spicy Dill Pickle, and Sweet Maui Onion (just to name a few).

What to feel awesome about:
Deep River dedicates each one of its products to a particular charity partner, many of which are personally tied to the actual employees of the company. And if its slogan, "We Give a Chip," isn't punny enough for you, the brand has committed to a charitable donation of more than 10% of its profits each year.
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Photo: Courtesy of NuttZo.
NuttZo Nut & Seed Butters
From smooth and crunchy peanuts to power-fuel seed blends, NuttZo churns out organic and protein-packed jars of seed- and nut-butter bliss.

What to feel awesome about:
Nuttzo has partnered with Project Left Behind, donating a portion of jar proceeds to the support of orphaned children across the globe. Nothing nuts about this.
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Photo: Courtesy of Newman's Own.
Newman's Own Snacks
Organic popcorn, pretzels, and packages of dried fruit are just a small selection of all the snacky goodness that Newman's Own has to offer. We love Paul Newman, but we might love his Butter Boom microwave popcorn a tiny bit more.

What to feel awesome about:
This snack company may just take the charity cake, with 100% donation of all profits and royalties from product sales. Newman's Own has donated over $450 million to multiple charities over the past 30 years. I will be celebrating this with an entire pack of Peanut Butter Newman-O's.
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Photo: Courtesy of Late July.
Late July Snacks
Named after the "sweet spot of summer," Late July's tortilla chips are organic and zesty as hell. Flavors include Nacho Chipotle, Jalapeño Lime, and Bacon Habanero.

What to feel awesome about:
Late July donates 10% of all proceeds to charities that support current and future sustainability of the food industry for generations to come.
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Photo: Courtesy of Endangered Species.
Endangered Species Chocolates
I'll be the first to say it: Chocolate is never the wrong choice for a snack. Endangered Species offers up a variety of bars, bites, and even delectable chocolatey spreads, for snacking on the sweet however you want.

What to feel awesome about:
Not only is Endangered Species chocolate American-made and fair-trade, it also gives back 10% of all net profits yearly to multiple charitable partners.
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