9 Things Pop Culture Taught Us About Fashion...That Are Totally Wrong

Movies and television teach us a lot of things. When we were younger, we learned how to flirt with boys and conduct a séance. Nowadays, those big screens impart fashion inspiration, life lessons — even how not to treat our loved ones. But, reflecting the nitty-gritty on the fashion industry? Think again. Hollywood loves to glamorize life in the land of fashion with runway shows, high-budget photo shoots, and beautiful people (so many beautiful people!).
In reality, things in the industry are a little less, well, ridiculous. Sure, we love a good escape as much as the next person, but some of these portrayals are downright laughable. So, as we wind down the international Fashion Week circuit, we got to thinking about all the ways in which real life just doesn't jive with movie life. For starters, while we've had some over-the-top bosses (ahh, life before R29!), no one's ever asked us to track down an unpublished manuscript for the latest Harry Potter novel. And, sadly, most assistants never get to go to Paris Fashion Week (sorry, Andrea!). Ahead, we're breaking down nine myths that script writers have perpetuated, and giving you real deets instead.

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