11 Fall Foodstagrams That We Need To Stop Posting Now

Foodstagramming is a controversial topic. We all love to hate it, and yet we do it all the time. We annoy our dinner dates when we halt the meal to photograph the table, but know they secretly enjoy it when we tag them later.

To celebrate our totally inexplicable, weird love-hate relationship with the social media phenomenon, we rounded up a list of all the Instagrams that we will inevitably post, and also inevitably get sick of seeing by the time winter rolls around. Because if we didn't share photographic proof of our apple-picking escapades or our attempt at fall baking, did it even really happen?!
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Just as we all post our first #icedcoffee of spring, as soon as we switch back to latte mode (RIP, cold brew!), we'll see an immediate uptick of hot coffee in our feeds.
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Yes, we bring home way too many apples that we never end up eating when we go apple picking every fall. Apples aren't even our favorite fruit — and yet, they end up all over Instagram, anyway, because we picked them ourselves, dammit!
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We will all attempt to make a pie at some point this fall. Probably, but not definitely, after we go apple picking. It will either be a huge #PinterestFail or it will be beautiful. Either way, we're going to Instagram it!
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Fall is here, and we're going to eat gooey, cheesy, delicious things all day long. And they each deserve their own individual Instagram.
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Photo: MakiEni/ Getty Images
Yes, we know it's getting chilly outside, and yes, sometimes a hot tea is just the thing, but we just don't have a real excuse for posting every morning's cup.
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Photo: Kelly/ Getty Images
It's a hassle to get out of the city and find an actual pumpkin patch, but we do it anyway. And we all Instagram the same exact sea of pumpkins JUST to prove it. (But this year, in place of a follow-up jack-o'-lantern pic, we'll be posting a pumpkin keg instead.)
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Photo: Richard Jung/ Getty Images.
Shortly after the pumpkin picking, it's time for pumpkin bread! Not using the real gourd of course, that's what canned pumpkin is for. Plus, the real thing is quite necessary for a more important job — setting the Insta scene.
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Photo: Acme Food Arts/ Getty Images.
Sure, we all just microwave cold apple cider and put it in a fancy mug with a cinnamon stick. But, isn't it the photo that counts?!
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Photo: Jamie Grill/ Getty Images.
The return of the PSL basically signifies the official start of fall, so we get that the first of the season is an obligatory photo moment. But, somehow they stay in our feed on the daily, all season long.
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Photo: Westend61/ Getty Images.
Yes, we'll be eating the same three soups all fall and winter long, starting as soon as the cold weather hits. And yes, for some reason unbeknownst to us, we feel compelled to post every. Single. Bowl.
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Photo: Lisa Hubbard/ Getty Images.
Even though we're all essentially eating the same food on Thanksgiving, we feel it's completely necessary to post a pic of our (not appetizing-looking at all) holiday plates.

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