How To Live A Radiant Life

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In the age of constant communication, 24/7 jobs, and mandatory multitasking, finding a moment for reflection is almost impossible — almost. Courtney Somer made mental wellness her mission, creating Eyla, an online resource packed with inspiration and real-life tools to maintain your personal peace. We'll be sharing some of this goodness every week on R29 Guest Stars, so whether you're looking to get spiritual, clear your mind, or just read some motivating interviews, Eyla is here to help you shine brighter.
Here's a note from Yogi Bhajan, The Aquarian Teacher, that resonated with us: “The world and our journey in this life is actually very clear. Every aspect of it is organized and creative. Why has it become a puzzle to us? The confusion occurs when, sometimes, in spite of our well-equipped personality our best preparations, we do not thrive, and we do not understand why. There is a way to make sense out of this.
"Imagine an ordinary man who is a grade-B medical student. He graduates and gets a great opportunity. He rises above everything to the top of his business. Imagine another man who is a very brilliant student at college. He graduates, and regardless of great efforts, he never seems to gets the right opportunities and he establishes a very average career. What makes the real difference in these cases? Why do we often not fit into life and into our own plans when it seems as if we have everything we need to accomplish it?
"The center of this confusion in human life today comes from one widespread, very human problem. You do not understand who and what you are. Then you cannot understand how things works and how to progress. Each thing has its own nature and its own mechanism. Understanding who you are, your own nature and the relationship between things, will make it all very clear. There will be no place for doubt or confusion. This is the source of unhappiness and conflict in this world.
"The yogis have a symbol for the human being: an arc of light that we call an aura. It is brilliant and white. Human existence depends on that arc. What comes to you in your life depends on the strength and balance of that arc.
"Every human being is unique. The uniqueness is defined and protected by the arcline. It is the strength of the magnetic field of your arc line that determines how the magnetic fields of other things and people in existence can or cannot enter and affect you.
"You relate differently to emotions when your magnetic field is strong and when it is weak. When your field is weak, emotions seem so important and real that you cannot separate or direct them — you are subject to them. When you arc is strong, you can choose to express the emotions or to redirect it. You can choose to relate to someone or disconnect from their influence. When your radiance is strong and you direct it toward someone they will want to be around you in spite of any personality differences or obstacles.
"The projection of the magnetic field will arrange the radiance of his existence. All the surrounding magnetic fields that will make up the environment and opportunities will be organized to connect and fit with one another. The environment will operate in tune with his purpose.
"Kundalini yoga is the science of changing and strengthening your radiance to give you an expanded life and greater capacity. This ability to align yourself with higher consciousness and to radiate into the universal magnetic field is more important than any qualification and speciality to your success.”

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