Mercury's In Retrograde — How To Not Let It Throw You Off

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Mercury is about to go retrograde from February 6th to the 28th. Reading up on my monthly horoscope, I noted the usual warnings that come with this time period including communication breakdowns, delays, and frustrations. But, instead of thinking of it as burdens and mishaps, I suggest looking at it as an opportunity, because really that is what Mercury is offering you.
So what is Mercury Retrograde? It is when Mercury appears to be going backwards (but actually does not move that way), lasting about three and a half weeks in length and taking place approximately every three months. Gemini and Virgo are ruled by Mercury, so these signs tend to feel it the most. This planet is a truth-seeking one, and it impacts people more then others because it rules communication, clear thinking, and transportation.
The most accurate way to summarize this time is to engage in activities that start with “re” such as re-new, re-think, re-pair, re-assess, re-imagine, re-boot, and re-do. The one “re” not to do is re-act. Mercury is giving us the opportunity to slow down, allowing time to reflect and reconsider. This forces us to fix things, and rethink the paths we are going down. Here are ways to take advantage of Mercury in Retrograde.
Mercury often uncovers weaker areas of life or mistakes that need to be corrected. Consider what the universe is asking you to pay more attention to and what comes up — is it related to your health, finances, or relationships? Re-examine these areas that need more work and see it as an opportunity for contemplation. New perspectives are usually revealed and breakthroughs happen whether it be emotional, spiritual, or intellectual during this time. Consider a new way of handling things instead of falling back on your automatic behaviors.
Because projects generally slow down and you’ll see a lag in progress, use it to plan, organize, and tie up loose ends. Get back to projects that are on the back burner, such as cleaning out closets, painting your house, or updating your resume. Remember, energy picks back up when the retrograde is over.
Since your mental state is increasingly blurry, rely more on your intuition and operating from the heart versus the mind. Feel your way through obstacles, instead of thinking through them. Have you been rationalizing away something that keeps coming up? Paying attention to them now, you will be rewarded with guidance, support, and intuition for better results.
Change your habits. If you walk to work along the same streets everyday, go in a different direction to experience a new morning routine and notice the contrast. Or, go on a date with someone you would not otherwise consider a potential mate. You may be pleasantly surprised!
Pamper yourself! Move slower, go with the flow, and meditate.
Don’t fight what happens, shift to the mindset that what comes up will benefit you in the long run. Instead, take stock of where you are at in life and if where it is going is right for you. Evaluate whatever decisions you have made up until now, what can you do differently?
Visit with old friends and clean up relationships where needed. Be sure to bury the hatchet if appropriate. Since conversations can go unexpectedly, do not take things personally.
Don’t get caught up in the fear of all the things that can go wrong with Mercury in Retrograde. Remember, what you expect, you’ll get! Instead of creating a negative self-fulfilling prophecy of a few weeks of frustrations, see this as an opportunity and create that experience instead.
Enjoy this time!
This post was authored by Courtney Somer.

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