How To Attract More Love Into Your Life Right Now

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When we allow it, attracting more love into our life can actually be quite easy. Love is our true nature and and what connects us to one another. We’re each a unique expression of love and each of us is perfect in our unique expression. Love isn’t something to “figure out,” “make sense of,” or “make happen.” When we try to figure it out, we end up feeling more confused.
Steps to Attracting More Love
The secret to attracting more love is to become a more loving person, which begins with loving yourself more.
The next step is to acknowledge that we’re meant to love everyone. We simply express our love in different ways depending on the nature of the relationship (romantic versus non-romantic). Many of us have been raised to believe that we’re meant to love one person at a time or have one soulmate. These beliefs create tremendous pressure in our romantic relationships and keep us from experiencing life in the moment. The truth is, when we begin practicing loving everyone, life begins to flow much more easily. As we become a more loving person, we become a magnet for love and miracles.
Third, let go of expectations. Expectations about how you want to be loved and how love “should be” lead to frustration, disappointment and resentment. Instead, be open to how people in your life express themselves to you. This opens you up to receiving love that exceeds your expectations and gives the ability to receive others from a place of freedom and wholeness.
A key component is to know which way you feel love, as outlined by Gary Chapman in The Five Love Languages, such as Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time or Physical Touch. Gary explains how individuals that love each other deeply can be in relationship; yet not feel that loved. In addition, Chapman provides practical advice to turn any relationship (romantic and otherwise) into an expression of love and appreciation. Discover your Love Language here.
Lastly, embrace gratitude. The power of gratitude has been written about extensively over the past several years. What we think about, we bring about. Gratitude connects us with our hearts and shifts our perception. When we shift our perception, our world changes. Practicing gratitude helps ground you in the present and focuses my awareness on what you do have, rather than focusing for what’s missing.
Suggested Exercises for Attracting More Love
1. For the next week, each morning before you get out of bed and each evening before you go to sleep, find one thing to be thankful for and consider why you’re thankful for it. Adding the why makes it much more meaningful.
2. Make it even easier for others to express their love to you. Make a list of five small things that make you feel loved and share this with your partner.
3. Consider trading in your “to do” list in exchange for a “to be” list. Consider making the first thing, “being the presence of love in everything I do.”
This post was authored by Lori Ostenfeld.

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