Here's What's It's Like To Truly Live From The Earth

It's a fact: Athena Calderone is a curator of all things gorgeous. Her breathtaking home decor, delicious recipes, and eye for style inspired her to create EyeSwoon, a hub for home and food inspiration. Now, It Girl Calderone will be taking us to New York's need-to-know spots and introducing us to the coolest people around.
Who doesn’t love growth? To change, expand, evolve, create, be inspired, feel pride, and hold awareness of our earth while doing so? EyeSwoon has carried me through all of the above! I have had the opportunity to push myself beyond what I thought I was capable of, find my truth, and meet insanely creative, like-minded creatures that raise me to a higher place: women that show me how to be better — a more conscious mom, an adventurous cook, a risk taker, a gal who has grown acutely aware of what she puts into her body, and how to respect our Mother Earth.
Shiva Rose of The Local Rose is far and beyond one of these women. Through The Local Rose she is schooling us all — educating us on how to live a holistic life surrounding beauty, fashion, cooking, spirituality, and nesting. And she does this through example — living a whole lifestyle way before she even knew there was a name for it! Her only goal? Wanting the best for our planet.
Shiva came to stay with me in Amagansett not long ago and we finally had that opportunity. We chatted about our many similarities from creating a blog later in life — hence finding our voice through topics we are insanely passionate about — to being a mom, a background in acting, and a love of food & cooking. I soaked up all the knowledge I could from this very inspiring woman who lives life with integrity and grace.

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