30 Models & The Tiny Jewelry They Can't Stop Wearing

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Season after season, models and their post-runway show looks are often admired for their "off-duty," style (a.k.a simple jeans, tees, and kicks that somehow look elevated and flawless). But outside the realm of Chanel boy bags and Rag & Bone ankle boots exists a layer of a model's everyday look that has, until now, remained so underscored hidden we just have to bring it to light.

We're talking about the dainty jewelry our favorite catwalk queens don't ever seem to take off: earrings, necklaces, rings, and more, that we endlessly spot on street style blogs (and want to add to our own wardrobes, too). As we head into the New Year, we could all stand to add a little dose of bling into our wardrobes. The slideshow ahead showcases some of the tiniest and finest of this era's elite, perfect for emulating and street style stalking come next fashion week.
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Photo via @gigihadid.
Gigi Hadid
Where's our invite to this Anne Sisteron ring party, Gigi?
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Photo via @caroline_brasch.
Caroline Brasch Nielsen
Three must be her lucky number.
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Photo via @chaneliman.
Chanel Iman
#AllGoldEverything, including that Cartier Love bracelet.
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Photo via @tildalindstam.
Tilda Lindstam
If you can see past the Heineken's, there are some pretty cute stacking rings in there. Speaking of stacking, our favorites are from CatBird.
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Photo via @haileybaldwin.
Hailey Baldwin
A simple gold hoop takes a chignon from understated to just right.
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Kelly Mittendorf
This model-cum-intern clearly knows her way around a beauty counter, but that polygonal charm necklace tells us she's got an eye for fine jewelry, too.
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Photo via @menonlakshmi.
Lakshmi Menon
Hopefully none of those stackers perished in the fun.
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Photo via @angelcandices.
Candice Swanepoel
There's enough here to fill a treasure chest.
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Photo via @brandeebrown.
Brandee Brown
The bigger the hoop...the better the Instagram?
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Photo via @supa_ines.
Ines Rau
There's a lot to love about Ines. As she continues to redefine beauty, let's keep on admiring her style (starting with those bracelets).
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Photo via @ewawladymiruk.
Ewa Wladymiruk
How many earrings can you spot? We see some Pamela Love 5 Spike earrings...
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Photo via @loveme_rileym.
Riley Montana
A necklace so dainty, we wonder how often she forgets it's even there.
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Photo via @avamcavoy.
Ava McAvoy
The good thing about a middle finger ring like that is its uncanny ability to double as a Band-Aid.
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Emeline Ghesquière
This neck chain proves sometimes less really is more.
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Photo via @atlantabean.
Atlanta de Cadenet
In case you forget your name, why not wear it around your neck?
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Photo via @andreeadiddy.
Andreea Diaconu
And sometimes — one is all you need.
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Photo via @joansmalls.
Joan Smalls
Necklaces so weightless allow for thin layering techniques.
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Photo via @redmansworld.
Danielle Redman
Could that red string perhaps be made out of Bionic Yarn? Either way, we need one, stat.
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Photo via @denisebidot.
Denise Bidot
A simple sparkle brings some glam to any selfie.
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Photo via @feifeisun.
Fei Fei Sun
It's a little wishbone! Or the piece you might be missing from Operation.
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Photo via @karliekloss.
Karlie Kloss
A K necklace (courtesy of Helen Ficalora) and a Karlie ring — talk about self-branding.
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Photo via @carolynmurphy.
Carolyn Murphy
Maybe wearing diamonds to bed helps us dream at night? Who knows. But we'd never take this little guy off.
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Photo via @gracebol.
Grace Bol
Because you're never fully dressed without a killer pendant.
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Photo via @harinef.
Hari Nef
One scroll through her Instagram feed and it's hard not to catch Hari without a choker. This one upgrades her airport style.
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Photo via @heyhyes.
Hye Seung
What jewelry roundup could be complete without a quintessential heart locket?
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Linda Evangelista
'Augie' stands for Augstin, Evangelista's 9-year old son. We couldn't think of a better nameplate.
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Magdalena Frackowiak
These are no doubt pieces from Magdalena's own jewelry line. And if our namesake jewelry looked like that, we'd wear it too.
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Photo via @therealashsmith.
Ashley Smith
A reflector choker that doubles as a mini-mirror.
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Photo via @juliacumming.
Julia Cumming
It's no secret the '90s are back, and Julia's signature tattoo choker is the perfect reminder that timeless, iconic fashion pieces don't have to cost a fortune.
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Photo via @dotwillow.
Daria Werbowy
The thin, yellow gold twist on the ubiquitous nose ring is a great example of taking something that's mainstream, and making it your own.

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