5 Things To Consider Before Getting Back Together With A Cheating Ex

By Zailyn Prada-Blackburn, MATS

"Love means never having to say you're sorry." Ah, that famous quote from Love Story that set the tone for all the hopeless romantics in the '70s. But do those words actually hold true?

In my practice as a relationship coach, I've seen everything in terms of couples and infidelity. Only one detail is a constant: When it comes to cheating, it's hard to forgive and forget, much less apologize. Sometimes, the relationship is solid enough, and the infidelity forgivable — and the couple prevails. Other times, cheating is just a symptom of a crumbling union. So how can you tell?
Here are five key points to consider when thinking about whether your ex has changed his or her ways enough for you to consider giving the relationship a second chance.

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