8 Ways To Tell If You & Your S.O. Are Built To Last

Photographed by Lauren Perlstein.
By James Michael Sama

I was watching an old dating show today that was almost like The Dating Game, where someone would choose a contestant based on their credentials (for lack of a better term), and then narrow down the three to one to go on a date with.

More than once, the people decided to not even go on a date because the contestants were so different from each other on paper.

While some personality differences are beneficial to relationships, I sometimes wonder to myself how many unhappy relationships wouldn't have started in the first place if people were a little more discerning about who they end up with.

Rather than taking a negative approach to the discussion, I've laid out eight points that show you're headed in the right direction with your significant other. Hopefully, you and your partner are 8/8.

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