8 Alternatives To Gel Manicures That Still Give You Strength & Shine

Photographed by Lani Trock.
Getting a gel manicure is the best way to ensure your mani lasts for a few weeks sans chipping or dulling. But the UV-cured polish comes with its own handful of problems.

Studies have shown that the light bulbs you put your hands under may pose a skin cancer risk, and are not regulated from salon-to-salon, or even machine-to-machine, for that matter. Plus, if you’ve ever had a gel manicure, you know what your nails look like after removal — it’s not pretty, nor is it healthy for your nail beds.

So set out to find the best alternatives in a new nail polish category that falls between normal polish and gel polish. Click ahead for the following brands that promise longer wear, endless shine, and simple removal with regular old polish remover.

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