Work Out From Home (!) With These Online Gyms

Can't get your butt out of bed and get yourself to the gym? A handful of online fitness platforms are hoping you'll have the stamina to switch on your laptop. These virtual gyms offer classes that range from yoga to HIIT anytime you boot up a computer or iPad. No MetroCard, commute, or babysitter required.
Instruction is from top trainers like Jillian Michaels to yoga superstars and emerging talent you might otherwise have to fly across the country to work out with. And, several virtual gyms offer live group or private sessions via a fitness version of Skype. Memberships are low, classes aren’t crowded. You just need a few square feet next to the couch.
The only thing not included at these six virtual gyms? Towel service. We delved into their offerings to bring you everything you need to know before you click and lift.
Whether you’re a green juice junkie, a SoulCycle addict, or just trying to maintain a working relationship with your skinny jeans, healthy living is always in style. So we’ve tapped the wellness masterminds at Well+Good — the go-to-site for cool, healthy-leaning women coast to coast — to keep you in-the-know.

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