The Superfood Smoothie That Will Nourish Your Heart Chakra

HeartChakraSmoothiePhoto: Jennifer Kass/Courtesy of Well+Good.
Whether you’re a green juice junkie, a SoulCycle addict, or just trying to maintain a working relationship with your skinny jeans, healthy living is always in style. So we’ve tapped the wellness masterminds at Well+Good — the go-to-site for cool, healthy-leaning women coast to coast — to keep you in-the-know.
Ah, l’amour. It’s everywhere in February — the flower shop, the card store, the restaurant trying to rope you into a pre-fixe Valentine’s food orgy. But, while romantic love is dandy, we’d argue self-love is just as important, if not more so. This sexy, superfood smoothie serves it up in spades, nurturing your heart chakra (which is the color green, FYI) with a leafy kale base.
Fresh strawberries, known for their anti-inflammatory benefits, provide a touch of sweetness (and plenty of pink!), while antioxidant-rich sweetened cacao nibs are a nod to those ubiquitous heart-shaped chocolate boxes — with none of the dairy or added chemicals that rob chocolate of its beautifying properties.
A dash of maca promises a bit of a vitality boost in the bedroom (don’t say we didn’t warn you!), and hemp seeds — blended with filtered water to form a quick and easy homemade milk — add a whopping 11 grams of complete protein and plenty of omega 3.
Rounding out this love potion are goji berries — another complete source of protein, loaded with potassium, vitamin A, and antioxidants — and banana, for maximum creaminess. Blend, sip, and be your own valentine!
The Heart Chakra Smoothie
1-2 kale leaves
1 cup fresh organic strawberries
1 frozen banana
1 tbsp maca
1 tbsp hemp seeds (blend first with water to make homemade milk)
1 cup filtered water
Top with Goji berries and sweetened cacao nibs to taste
Blend and enjoy!
This post was authored by Jennifer Kass.

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