Celebrities, They're Not Just Like Us! We've Got 8 Reasons Why

Yes, we understand the whole bit about having their faces projected two-stories tall on silver screens and living inside bubbles of paparazzi scrutiny that must resemble a roving pack of flashbulbs — but that still doesn't mean we can't ogle the ways in which the world’s biggest celebs just aren’t like us — even if they do get photographed with an economy-sized pack of paper towels once in their lifetime. With their garage-sized closets, army-sized entourages, and planet-sized egos, they can, sometimes, seem as similar to the average working Jane as the average dachshund is to the average beluga whale (hey, they’re both mammals, right?)
But honestly, we can’t get enough of these almost-extraterrestrial creatures and their alien lives, so we’ve complied an eye-opening list of the top eight qualities that makes those beautiful, bizarre celebs so different from us normal folk.
Photo: Courtesy of Apartment Therapy

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