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of millennial women with you.
The Millennial Woman Vote: Why Nobody Has It Yet
Young single women are suddenly among the most talked-about voters in America. And when you fold in young married women, as well, looking at all women 18 to 35, you see an even more powerful group emerge — an estimated 13% of the electorate, in fact. And yet, when we first set out to do a meaningful, statistically significant poll of millennial women and their ideas about this election, we got a lot of uneasy feedback from pollsters and researchers. About how millennial women lack the maturity to show up and make their voices heard. About how it would be too expensive and take too long to get in touch with an appropriate sample.

But we found a great partner in ABC News and were able to survey a random sampling of 566 women across the country, ages 18 to 35 (see methodology here). And the results are illuminating. Most interesting: Despite the fact that 78% of women believe this election is going to have an impact on their lives, fewer than half believe the presidential candidates are talking about the issues that matter to them. And 47% find all of the candidates to be uninspiring. So, what do Clinton, Sanders, Trump, Cruz, and Kasich need to know to capture this critical group of voters? First and foremost, there isn't just one key issue that matters to all of them. Ahead, the truth about how they plan to vote — and why.
of women say none of the candidates currently running for president inspire them.
Which presidential candidates would women like to have dinner with?
of women think the candidates are hardly talking about issues that are important to them.
Hollis Witherspoon
“It’s concerning to see the same group of older white men representing the entire country.”
So what issues DO matter to them?
Across all ages and demographics, voters tend to care broadly about the economy, health care, and terrorism.
But when you get beyond those, here's what millennial women care about:
equal pay
for women
loan debt
of women polled currently owe money on student loans.
“The government shouldn't be giving big banks loans at a lesser rate than students.”
Callie Horn
Student loan debt currently owed in the U.S.:
say they are scared of Donald Trump.
"From Donald Trump, people are actually enjoying these words of hate, sexism, and racism... it is a really frightening situation."
Sharon Carpenter
of millenial women believe there is bias against women being in positions of power in this country.
Less than half of millennial women consider themselves feminists.
And here's how their votes break down.
The good news is...
7 in 10 women say they will probably vote in the upcoming election.
And here's who women would most like to see elected:
Bernie Sanders
Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump
Ted Cruz
No Opinion
Stay up-to-date on election news. Choose the issue that matters to you most.
Equal Pay for Women
Student Loan Debt
Abortion Access
Economic Inequality
Gun Rights