The Easiest Way To Add Life To Your Small Space

A terrarium is a great way to add life to your space if you lack the free time or the “green thumb” to care for a bounty of houseplants. Terrariums make it possible to grow things in places that aren't exactly conducive to growth, and can pretty much be self-sufficient aside from the occasional misting here or watering there.

If you have both the time and the thumb, then making a terrarium can be a great way to experiment with new plant varieties and can be an outlet of endless possibilities for your creativity. Although it may seem that terrariums have gained popularity fairly recently, they’ve been around for over 150 years.

There are two general types of terrariums: open and enclosed. It’s important to pick your plants based on the style of your terrarium if you want them to thrive. An open terrarium provides ample air circulation and lower levels of humidity. It is perfect for plants that thrive in a drier environment, like succulents and cacti. Air plants are also great for an open terrarium — and you can skip the soil! 

An enclosed terrarium, with removable cover or lid, provides ample humidity and creates its own sort of tiny ecosystem. The plants inside an enclosed terrarium release moisture, which then condenses inside the vessel and trickles back into the soil. For an enclosed terrarium, choose varieties of plants that are compact, thrive in high humidity, and do well in moderate to low light, like ferns and mosses. 
Check out a terrarium how-to ahead!

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