14 Adorable Swimsuits That Won't Break The Bank

My curves come and go like a Canadian goose. While some are supposed to migrate north for the summer, taking up residency on someone else’s lawn, they seem perfectly content staying put year-round, whether I want them to or not. So, I forge on into this bikini season not entirely content (this week’s Pilates better pay off), but accepting of my current situation.

However, while I’ve more or less come to terms with the flock nesting on my stomach, the price of swimwear, much like the price of underwear, makes me want to flip a display table over. For a piece of “clothing” that’s scarcely worn and covers a very small area, it doesn’t seem right for them to cost so much.

Take this Dolce & Gabbana two-piece, for example. It’s beautiful and probably makes its wearer feel like Brigitte Bardot — but $700? I’d sooner buy a roundtrip to France, since it would cost the same. This Lisa Marie Ferndandez bikini, similar in price and shape to the D&G, is $390. I still find that to be too hefty a sum for my poolside shenanigans. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to wear both, but I just can’t justify it.

In my unfounded opinion, I don’t think a bathing suit should cost more than $100. Fine, $120 if it fits exceptionally well and looks like million bucks. The good news is that such bathing suits do exist — and I’ve edited the market to find one’s suitable (pun so intended) for you and, if you’re like me, your flock of geese.

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