Inside Designer Rebecca Taylor's Vintage-Inspired BK Brownstone

On April 15, we will come out with our very first book — The Glow, An Inspiring Guide to Stylish Motherhood! Over the next few months, we're thrilled to give you an exclusive sneak peek at some of our favorite outtakes from New York, Los Angeles, Nashville, London, and Paris.
Rebecca Taylor’s Brooklyn brownstone embodies some of the same sensibilities that have made women around the world fall in love with her eponymous clothing line: timeless, feminine, and vintage-inspired. With three young children running around, the home feels at once lived-in and chic (not an easy combination to pull off ). When it comes to her own style, and the pieces she picks out for her son and twin daughters, Taylor is all about simplicity: Striped shirts serve as the centerpiece of all of their wardrobes. And, the busy mom admits, she and the kids often end up wearing the same outfit. Clearly, good style runs in the family.
In 2011, before BFFs Kelly Stuart and Violet Gaynor had kids of their own, they launched The Glow — a glimpse into the world of inspiring, stylish moms. Swoon with us as we thumb through the archives in preparation for their next venture: an equally addictive book that'll feel right at home on your coffee table.
Isabel and Zoe, six, Charlie, four.

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