When Life Gave This Cat A Lemon, She Didn't Trust It For A Second

By Lindsey Robertson
Hime the cat is suspiciously sizing up this lemon she found in her house. The tart-smelling intruder is unlike anything Hime has ever experienced before, and she is determined to figure out just WHAT the heck is going on here!
Hour 1: Hm. Smells like evil. Is probably here for dubious reasons.
Hour 2: Must touch from a safe distance, so as to not become saturated in devilry.
Hour 3: Tests are proving inconclusive. Lemon still a formidable adversary, but maybe not quite as scary anymore.
Hour 4: Enigmatic lemon has resulted in an existential crisis. It is truly baffling in its mystery.
Hour 5: Lemon has exhibited aggressive behavior. Time to evacuate!

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