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Dixon is a five-year-old Dachshund who lost the use of his back legs. His owner was laid off and couldn't afford to help him, so she brought him in to Animal Haven. When we first met Dixon, this is how he walked. He dragged his hind legs.
puppy1Courtesy of The Dodo.
So we gave Dixon a set of wheels to help him move around more comfortably.
puppy3Courtesy of The Dodo.
In the beginning, Dixon was perplexed by his new “legs.”
puppy2Courtesy of The Dodo.
But over time he gained confidence, strength and agility.
puppy-4Courtesy of The Dodo.
So after making great progress, we introduced Dixon to the next step of his rehabilitation treatment: Aquatherapy at Water 4 Dogs.
puppy-5Courtesy of The Dodo.
Dixon fared resilient. He improved his mobility every single day.
puppy-7Courtesy of The Dodo.
His progress was a joy to watch. He paddled.
puppy-6Courtesy of The Dodo.
He wagged, too.
puppy-8Courtesy of The Dodo.
He even wiggled with a grin.
puppy-9Courtesy of The Dodo.
After a lot of hard work, Dixon is now back on all four paws, speeding along, sniffing out all the wonderful things this great big world has to offer. We couldn't be prouder.
puppy-10Courtesy of The Dodo.
To watch Dixon’s entire progress, click here. And, to see what Dixon’s up to now, click here.

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