How This Adorable Pony Survived A Barn Fire

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Earlier this month, when a fire broke out in a barn in North Texas, a pony named Bella showed tremendous dedication in saving her young foal, Butterscotch, from serious burns — even though that meant enduring them herself. By the time firefighters arrived to battle the inferno which killed several animals, they were amazed to discover the mother pony standing firm, protecting her two-week-old offspring from the brunt of blaze with her body.
“It’s just that mother-daughter’s an instinct. She was ready to die for her baby,” Whitney Hanson, from the Humane Society of North Texas, where the horses are being treated.
“She actually kind of backed the baby into the corner and stood over her and shielded her from the fire and the debris that was falling.”
Thanks to her mother’s dedication, Butterscotch escaped with just minor injuries — though Bella’s burns will take much longer to heal. Two times a day, Humane Society volunteers apply medicine to her badly seared body.
"The only reason she survived and pulled through this is because she loves that baby so much, and she wants to be here for the baby," Hanson said.
HSNT is asking for public’s help in covering the $4,000 treatment costs for Bella and Butterscotch. Those interested in making a donation can find more information here.

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