Playful Kitten Takes A Moment To Cuddle With Her Dalmatian Brother

By Lindsey Robertson
Squirt the foster kitten is full of curious energy, which is a sharp contrast to her chill Dalmatian brother, Louie. Fortunately, Louie is totally cool with being Squirt's playmate — and even having a cuddle session or two! Since Louie is so much bigger, it's fun to burrow underneath him.
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Squirt doesn't even need a blanket — she can just nestle under Louie's ear.
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However, lying still is much easier said than done. Especially when there are so many things to pounce on and explore...
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...but a snuggly moment with Louie is definitely worth hanging around for, so Squirt decides to settle in between her brother's paws — for just a few more minutes, anyway.
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Squirt also enjoys playing and scampering with her Dalmatian sister, Lady — or at least attempting to get her attention!

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