How To Keep From Sweating Through A Summer Wedding

Photographed By Amy Harrity.
So you’ve been waiting your whole life for this moment. Or you woke up in Vegas this morning and decided that the person you’re with would make an excellent life partner, and today is the perfect day for getting hitched — no judgment. But the bottom line is you’re about to say your “I dos,” and suddenly the romantic vision you had of exchanging vows under the willow tree (or in the desert) is clouded by visions of your hair swelling six times its size in frizz and by your brow shadow melting into your line of sight. Or perhaps you’re a guest of said matrimonial union, and all this talk about having found love in a hopeless place is causing you to anxiously perspire through your unlined silk slip dress.

Don't get us wrong, we’re all for midsummer night nuptials — the heat, the open bar, the ample well-suited options available for the single bridesmaids and guests (see, we got you). But let's be real, there will be a hell of a lot of photographic evidence to remind you of all the night's heat-induced calamities for decades to come, and we wouldn't want the IRL sweaty aftermath to keep you in the ladies room for half the night. That's why we dialed up the hair and makeup pros, with a catalog of model clientele, to help us keep our cool...even in 100-degree summer heat.

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