6 Ways To Deal With Office Politics

Illustrated by Sydney Hass.
The boss who just won’t promote you despite three dedicated years as her EA. The coworker who, for some unknown reason, just can't spell your name right in an email — and won’t look you in the eye or give you anything more than a monosyllabic response. Oh, and that goddam glass ceiling; we know it exists, Patricia Arquette knows it exists, Meryl Streep and J.Lo definitely know it exists. What can we do about it?

When it comes to office politics (and dealing with them like the adults we supposedly are), things haven’t always gone so smoothly. There's no perfect workplace, and in our experience, sometimes the only thing to do is just take a deep breath.

That said, when we got to chatting with Lydia Loizides, the founder and CEO of Talentedly — which plugs itself as a kind of career-oriented personal training service (genius, we know) — we realized that there are other things we can do to deal with the Mean Girls  world that, let’s just admit it, can sometimes be the office. Our main takeaways? Be proactive and be an adult. Easier said than done.

Read on to see what Loizides has to say about office politics.

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