What Life As Tavi Gevinson Is Really Like

By Meagan Wilson

A quick disclaimer: We hate to idealize. No, really. Even though we have the tendency to get flowery on everything from the mundane (grilled cheese) to the extravagant (hand-beaded couture that requires upwards of 10,000 hours of work), we understand it creates a crushing amount of pressure.

But, when someone's résumé ranges from interviewing Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons at age 15 to penning ELLE cover stories at 18 (oh, and founding, running, and publishing her own online magazine with an annual print yearbook while still in high school), it's hard not to take notice. We also consequently feel really bad about how we spent the better part of junior year (reading YM and stealing our parents' liquor).

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When Tavi Gevinson first captured the undivided attention of the fashion industry (including requisite snaps alongside Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour) with her Style Rookie blog before graduating middle school, it would have been too easy to just ride things out. Instead, she traded front row seats for pursuing a passion project that was all her own (literally — she eschewed big-name publishers in favor of help from Anaheed Alani and Ira Glass). Rookiemag.com covered everything from collecting vinyl and cult films to panic attacks and masturbation. Despite the alarmist articles in The New York Times and The Atlantic conflating this generation's preoccupation with something as innocuous as selfies with the apocalypse, we're pretty sure that if Tavi's any indication, we're going to be just fine.

One afternoon, before a performance of her Broadway show, This is Our Youth, Gevinson gave us a grand tour of the Lower East Side apartment she shares with photographer and fellow Internet sensation Petra Collins. We sorted through her wardrobe together, from her "wonderfully corny assortment of Susan Sontag items" to the pleated lip print skirts gifted to her by Miuccia Prada, leather gloves handed down by Winona Ryder (who, in turn, received them from Audrey Hepburn), and gold Chanel boots that were a present from Stevie Nicks. "I owe so much of my brain to so many people," Gevinson explained. Friends, high places, you know the deal.

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