13 Beauty Editors & The Products They Can't Live Without

So, we’ll occasionally joke that fashion editors shop for a living. But, beauty editors? A significant portion of their job (on top of condensing trends, interviewing experts, writing, styling, et cetera, et cetera) is actually trying the myriad of product out there all to inform you exactly what’s worth your credit card overage. And, trust us when we say that they get sent a lot of products to try. Every evening is an experiment in some new serum, long-wear lipstick or hair oil, all in the name of bringing some IRL knowledge to us.
Just take a look at Jane Larkworthy’s monthly column in W — it’s pretty much a product-by-product exploration of what’s been delivered to her desk, and consistently the most dog-eared page of any given issue for it. And, let’s be real, when you have a publication like Allure or Harper’s Bazaar behind you, these are the people you trust when trying to decide whether plum or wine is the lip color of the season.
So, if you’re constantly trying every new formula that enters the market, we had to ask: what exactly do they stick with. Like, do they ever come across a BB cream and decide then and there that this is when they stop playing the field and go steady? In other words, for the people who are changing and trying new products all the time, what are the products they’ll always love? We asked some of the biggest editors in the business — everyone from Lucky’s Jean Godfrey June to Britt Aboutaleb of Yahoo Beauty — and the response was, well, overwhelming. These professionals are passionate about their product. What we learned? CVS offers some pretty grade-A potions, sometimes stinky is a good thing, and Kevyn Aucoin's The Volume might just be the best mascara out there, as voted by not one, but two different editors. Next time your cabinet needs stocking, consider this your guide.

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