What's Better For You? 22 Food & Drink Items Battle It Out

Illustrated by Shawna Huang.
By Meagan Wilson
If you've so much as entered a grocery store, cafe, wine bar or farmers market in our post-Goop, gluten-obsessive world, we're willing to bet you often ponder your options with more questions than answers. Non-fat or soy milk? Wait... isn't almond the new soy? Or, is it hemp that's the new almond? Vodka tonic or agave margarita? Wait, what about merlot? That magazine in my doctors office said I should drink a glass every night, right?
With the struggle being, well, real, we enlisted the Sakara Life founders to debunk and break down our top head-scratchers. They're the experts, so we'll let them take it from here...
"Let’s face it. New York City comes rocking a pretty sexy selection of healthy options. Juice bars on every other corner, gluten-free alternatives at cafes, vegan bakeries and about that array of boutique fitness studios designed to satisfy every single one of our deepest cravings? Yes, thank you NYC for having our back(side)s.
But, somehow you still find yourself sitting at brunch staring at a robust menu boasting locally sourced, organic fare, not sure whether to get the omelet with full eggs or egg whites, wheat or multigrain toast, bloody mary or mimosa. And, trust us, you aren’t the only one. With so much conflicting information being thrown around carelessly and hot new trends everywhere you look, what to eat to best nourish your beautiful body can get confusing quickly. Now, this list isn’t your typical this or that because, in this case, both this and that are great options and we are damn lucky to have them at our fingertips. But, because we deserve to be picky and because we can, let’s dig a little deeper into our healthy options to see when and where we really are choosing the crème de la (dairy-free) crème."

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