Olivia Munn Gives Us A Lesson In Borrowing From The Boys

The folks over at The Coveteur love playing to our voyeuristic side, and each week, the OG closet invaders will let us peek into the designer-laden digs of their — and our! — favorite tastemakers. Just one warning: The lust-worthy displays may cause an undying impulse to hang your jewels on your kitchen sink’s faucet. Now, let the swooning begin!
Allow us to destroy any pre-existing notions you may (or may not) have about actress Olivia Munn. Did you know that in high school she wore a lot of men’s clothing (think: baggy pants and T-shirts)? We know, how could she ever try and disguise that MAXIM cover-worthy bod? Or how about her super secret Star Wars obsession? Munn owns one of 120 (#120 to be exact!) life-size Yodas used in the original Lucas-famed flick. “It is one of my two prized possessions and if there was a fire, he'd be one of the first things I take!” she confessed.
And her hidden talent? Beat-boxing.
After watching Munn religiously on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart for, like, ever, we were pretty thrilled to see her transition into Sloan on The Newsroom; thanks, Sorkin! And for the girl who is typically playing the whole “hot-girl-next-door” (see: Magic Mike and any FHM-like men’s magazine), Munn couldn’t be better at redefining her role and giving the critics a run for their money. Plus, we love a girl with sense of humor, who’s not afraid to get all flirty for the cam and sing “Channing All Over Your Tatum.”
When we popped by Munn’s pad (along with our lovely friends at ELLE magazine), we weren’t exactly sure what kind of treasures we would find. From Wildfox Tees to vintage 1970s Hermès bags, Munn threw us for a loop with her well-edited wardrobe of unexpected surprises. Though she opted for a denim-on-denim Candian tuxedo, there was a vintage Halston, one-piece bathing moment in there, too. You can take the bikini out of the hot girl, but you can’t take the hot girl out of the bikini!

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