10 T-Shirts You'll Rock Every Weekend This Summer

If yesterday was any indication, we're in for some steamy scenarios, weather-wise—but hey, Mother Nature, we're not complaining. Indeed, we may have nipped outside more than once to roll-up our sleeves, soak up some summer rays, and watch pedestrians perform that requisite striptease so common to the first of the warmest Big Apple days (we peeled off our sweater, too!). Yes, we're gearing up for swimsuit season, which means T-shirts and more T-shirts! Whether your workplace has a lax dress code, or you're shopping for some weekend style, we've got the short-sleeved thing on lock, with 10 fresh options from our top NYC stores. We'll show your ours if you show us yours—we'll be on the corner of Broadway and Leonard 'round lunch time, baring those arms, baby!
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