Introducing The Mother Of All Instagram Trends

In case you haven't fallen into a K-hole of #stylethebump Instagrams, allow us to introduce you. Essentially, the premise is just as it sounds: mamas-to-be posting pictures of their burgeoning bellies and the adorable outfits they sport during that mysterious nine-month period. For this, we have so much #respect.
While ladies like Zoe Saldana, Gwen Stefani, and Kerry Washington have made maternity style look as effortless as a stroll down a runway, we know (though this writer can't speak from experience) that it can be quite a challenge to stay true to your personal style while accommodating for your precious, ever-expanding cargo. But, the ladies ahead give us all — expectant or not — tons of inspiration.
These soon-to-be moms run the sartorial gamut. Some keep it classic and minimal, while others love body-hugging fits and tons of prints. Some find comfort in a pair of Sambas, yet others wear heels throughout all three trimesters. To honor these babes with baby bumps, we've rounded up some of our favorite looks — most, but not all, from our #stylethebumps scrolls. Click on for the mother lode.

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