How A Skype Date Led To The Chicest City Hall Wedding, Ever

Believing that weddings ought not bring out the bridezilla in each of us, Stone Fox Bride — a high-fashion boutique in Manhattan — was founded on the principle that planning a wedding is also a process of self-discovery. Molly Guy, creative director at SFB, is our source for the nontraditional bride. This article was originally published on October 11.
When I first met Kaki she had her dog dressed in a panda suit. When I told her how cute he was, she said, "If you think that's cute you should see me in a panda suit." It may sound hokey, but it was as if every time I saw her around she had a spotlight on her. I couldn't stop staring, and she noticed.
Our first date lasted about 15 minutes: She was on a layover in New York, and I brought her homemade cookies to take on her trip to Japan. The six weeks following the 15-minute layover date, Kaki was on tour all over the world, so we talked on the phone or Skype constantly. The first time I realized we had been talking for over three hours — and it felt like just 3 minutes — I knew I had met my match.
She is the love of my life. The first time I said 'I love you,' I had to take deep breaths beforehand, then I finally spit it out! We mutually decided to get married after dating for about seven months. I didn't want to make a big fuss about it. I just wanted to be married to her. Then a few months later I went on tour with her in Italy, and she surprised me with a proposal in Rome with a delicate rose-gold-and-black diamond ring. It was perfect. We didn't have a wedding. Our families were not happy about it, but we knew we needed a simple, intimate day without any big to-do.
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