Are You Fit Enough For This Colorado Wedding?

Believing that weddings ought not bring out the bridezilla in each of us, Stone Fox Bride — a high-fashion boutique in Manhattan — was founded on the principle that planning a wedding is also a process of self-discovery. Molly Guy, creative director at SFB, is our source for the nontraditional bride. This article was originally published September 20.
Scott and I were trail running buddies in Seattle for years before we ever started dating. He was super sweet and kind, but definitely not my type — too "hippie" for me! After eight years of friendship, he came down to visit me when I moved to SoCal, and basically never left. He's an amazing chef, which was a huge upgrade for me after dating jerks for years. He taught me a lot about food and nutrition. Cooking is an expression of love for him. I dated some really great guys, but my relationship with Scott was the first time dating ever felt like a partnership. He brought out the best in me, made my life easier, nurtured my health and wellness, inspired me to be a better version of myself. I knew I had to hold onto that one!
I'm a tomboy, so a lot of my best friends are guys whom I love dearly and tell them so all the time. We were friends for a long time so the love was already there. Making the switch from friendly to romantic was not a big deal — it felt natural. We moved to Boulder, CO, and bought a house together, worked from home together, and traveled the world together. Our lives were already so intertwined that neither of us felt a need to get married. We've always talked about not getting married, like most of our Europeans friends, and just be life partners. But when it came down to it, I wanted an excuse to gather our friends and have a big-ass party in the mountains.

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