Water Lip Stain

At Nordstrom
What it is: A matte, moisturizing lip stain that stays vibrant until you take it off.Who it's for: All skin types.What it does: Finally, color that won't kiss off. This 77% water-based formula contains the benefits of a lip treatment, leaving lips soft, comfortable and incredibly kissable. You can customize the results, too, from a soft look to high-voltage color. The more coats the deeper the color intensity.Research results:In a satisfaction test on 112 women after two weeks of use:- 93% said it had a sheer texture.- 89% said it had a unique texture.- 84% said it had a refreshing texture.How to use: Apply to the center of your lips. Then, trace your lip line. Experiment with the color—the more coats, the deeper the intensity."/