The Object Enthusiast x House of Harlow 1960

Turquoise + Gold Organic Long Tray

At Etsy
Part of the House of Harlow 1960 x The Object Enthusiast x Etsy Collection, this long organic oval tray was designed in collaboration with Nicole Richie. It makes a beautiful catchall for just about anything that needs a place to set! It's perfect for keys and glasses by the front door, self-care items on your bathroom vanity, and can even be used as an elegant serving dish during cocktail hour. Each of these trays was formed by hand using a deep red stoneware clay body. The organic edge is the true signature of its maker - each divet and wave on the rim are signs of the hands that made them. After careful drying and refining, these trays are fired slowly to bisque. After cooling, the trays are handpainted with glaze and fired again - resulting in the glossy, speckled turquoise-green finish. The final touch is the handpainted gold rim, and then these trays are fired for the third time. As with most handmade items, there are subtle differences between each tray, making each one just slightly unique!