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The Sustainable Cleansing Pad Set

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Care for your skin, care for the environment. Soko Glam’s exclusive Sustainable Cleansing Pad Set makes it easy to do both. Each set comes with 14 reusable cleansing pads in a mesh cotton pouch for convenient storage and washing. - The 100% organic cotton pads are vegan and biodegradable and made of natural fiber. Suitable for all skin types for daily facial cleansing, each pad can be used up to 1000 times. - The bamboo charcoal pads (70% bamboo fiber, 30% polyester) are made of bamboo and infused with absorbent charcoal to help remove makeup, dirt, and oils with ease. These pads are best used for removing makeup. Organic Cotton Pad Set: 14 units of Organic Cotton Pad / set Bamboo Charcoal + Organic Cotton Pad Set: 7 units of Organic Cotton Pad & 7 units of Bamboo Charcoal Pad / set