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The Plant Mail Club – 6 Month Subscription

At Leaf & Clay
The Plant Mail Club 6-Month Subscription is a succulent subscription from Leaf & Clay! This month, Plant Club Members receive a Haworthia marumiana, Echeveria 'Yamatoren', and Gasteria 'Little Warty'. 1) Sounds cool. How does it work? Each month for the next six months, you’ll receive a new 3-pack of 2.5” succulents available only to Plant Mail Club Members. Shipping is completely FREE on all Plant Mail Club orders!* 2) Awesome! Who picks the plants? Our awesome team here at Leaf & Clay hand-selects a new variety pack each month, ensuring that your collection stays fresh and diverse! 3) Do I have to sign my life away? Yup, and there's nothing you can do about it! Kidding! Your card will be charged once upfront for the 6-month subscription and WILL NOTauto-renew. 4) What's a "Heat Pack"? A heat pack is a 72-hour warming insert that can be added to your order to protect the plants from freezing weather during shipping. Heat packs are completely unnecessary during the summer months of if you live somewhere with a mild climate. Please Note: Orders ship out within 1-3 business days of purchase. Your card will be charged $95.70+tax or $131.70+tax on the day of purchase ONLY. Subsequent shipments will begin processing on the 7th of each month thereafter. No coupon codes valid on Plant Mail Club purchases. Discounts will only be applied to non-subscription based products. *Free Shipping on Plant Mail Club items only. Shipping will be charged for additional items added to the cart.