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Sun, Sand, Salento – Summer Limited Edition Candle

At McKingley & Paget
For now, this candle only comes in our Medium (60hrs) size. Bergamot, Cypress, Bitter Orange, Rosemary & Nutmeg. Splash in the ocean with us. Baking in the sun or just enjoying the sun with your family. These are the holidays we treasure our whole lifetime. The comforting bright Mediterranean citrus scent hanging heavy in the warm air transports us back. Head Notes Up top, you have a burst of fresh and slightly spicy, fruity aroma of Bergamot orange peel. Heart notes Fresh and clean aroma citrus aroma of gathered needles and twigs of the perennial Cypress trees. Then comes the fresh and uplifting scent of Bitter Orange. Footnotes This scent sits on the classic Italian herb Rosemary, with its fresh woodsy scent & subtle touch of the aromatically fragrant Nutmeg.